2020 Pan-African Calendar

The Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP) is planning to highlight Pan-African revolutionary socialist organizations in our 2020 calendar and hope that you can help us to identify organizations that embrace Pan-Africanism, defined as a unified, socialist Africa.  We think that such a calendar will help to promote greater collaboration between all of our organizations, help us to reach more of our people in order to politically educate on why Pan-Africanism is the quickest and only permanent solution to our exploitation and oppression, and, most importantly, help us to bring about a monolithic ideological unity among all African people. There are 9 slots/months available on a first come basis. Please email Doreatha at dmbalia@yahoo.com with the name of your organization and your organization’s website no later than April 15th (“African Freedom Day declared at the All-African People’s Conference in Ghana in 1958”).


Since 1984, the PRSP has been producing an annual calendar which focuses on particular problems which Africa and its people experience, such as “African Women on the Move” (1987); “The Necessity of Pan-Africanism” (1991); “The African Revolution: The Only Solution” (1997); “Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century” (2000); Capitalism is the Disease! Pan-Africanism is the Cure!” (2011); “Why Socialism?” (2016); “The Internal Enemy: African People’s Struggle Against Our Own Weaknesses” (2018). Our calendars also highlight important dates in the history of African people and other progressive/revolutionary people.