Worldwide Pan-African Movement (WWPAM) Constitution

(December 15, 2017)


CHAPTER I: Name, logo and founding principles

Article 1               Name

The WORLD WIDE PAN-AFRICAN MOVEMENT is the name adopted at our inaugural convention in June of 2016, here under referred to as WWPAM.

Article 2               Logo

The outer circles of the logo represent the whole of mother earth and reflect the fact that WWPAM is a global organization. The Black background represents both the richness of Mother Earth and the essence of the Peoples of Africa. A Black map of Africa sits on a green semi-circular base, which represents the fundamentals of agriculture, land and food as basic human needs and rights. The gold star in Africa is placed over Ghana to signify the importance it played under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah in promoting Pan-Africanism. Above the map of Africa the red semi-circle represents the blood shed by our ancestors and predecessors in the struggle for liberation, justice and attainment of Pan-Africanism. Above the red semi-circle is the name of our organization and below the green semi-circle is the slogan of WWPAM – Pan-Africanism ni Uhuru, which is kiSwahili for Pan-Africanism is freedom.

Article 3               Founding principles

The Purposes of WWPAM as defined by its Resolutions and restated in its charter are:

  1. Resolves that Africans/Blacks (people of African descent in and outside of Africa) in different countries and organizations should consult their constituency for the formation of WWPAM branches in their respective countries.
  2. Whilst acknowledging the ideological differences, it is imperative to forge closer working relations in a form of a united front to defend and advance the liberation struggle both in Africa and its Diaspora.
  3. Whilst acknowledging the peculiarity of individual material living condition in each country and differences in the interpretation of ideologies, these are the issues that unite us: land dispossession, white domination, capitalism and imperialism, neo-colonialism, injustice, genocide and zionism. These made and still make it imperative and urgent for us to form and establish the World Wide Pan African Movement.
  4. The World Wide Pan African Movement is open to and inclusive of Black/African Nationalists, Scientific Socialists and other anti-colonial ideologies. We are comprised of all Black/African groups and organisations who agree with the above and previously stated issues.
  5. The WWPAM agrees to diligently address and attack the following problems:
  6. Fight for the cancellation of colonial/neo-colonial debt as a down payment on reparations
  7. Fight police brutality/terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocide
  8. Embark on Land Reclamation efforts that include farms, factories, mines, water, fauna, flora and the banks with the intention to nationalize the resources for the benefit of the people. Land reclamation projects such as the one in Zimbabwe must be supported and should be expanded and replicated to other African countries and every continent where land was stolen from Black and/or indigenous people
  9. Fight for the struggle for independence of Blacks/Africans in West Papua by supporting economic sanctions and boycotts against Indonesia by any means available.
  10. Fight for the immediate and unconditional release of all the political prisoners of the liberation movements anywhere on the planet; specifically the APLA and AZANLA political prisoners held in neo-colonial prisons of occupied Azania
  11. Lobby and advocate for the removal of colonial borders to establish a United Socialist State of Africa, and
  12. Lobby and campaign for the decolonization of education systems, establishment of universally accessible systems, and self-education programmes that take into account and reflect the socio-economic conditions of Africans.

Article 4               Vision

The future will bring us a unified Africa that no longer harbors white supremacy, neo-colonialism or monopoly capitalism. After Africa has beaten back imperialism and returned mother Africa’s resources to her people, we will work to build an Africa where egalitarianism, humanism, and collectivism dominate. In this new society, new women and men control Africa’s resources and receive base on their contribution. This socialist Africa will reach out and embrace and support Africans across the Diaspora and will assist to bring justice to indigenous people throughout the world. Through building a strong unified socialist Africa, we will contribute to the global advance to a society where each contributes based on ability and receives based on need.



Article 5

The original Members of the World Wide Pan-African Movement (WWPAM) shall be the organizations, which having participated in the World Wide Pan-African Convention (WWPAC) held at Orlando, Soweto, Azania in June of 2016, or having previously agreed to the formation of the WWPAM, subsequently agreed to the resolutions adopted at the selfsame Convention.

Article 6

  1. Membership in the WWPAM is open to all African organizations, which accept the obligations contained in the Charter and in the judgment of the Organization and are able and willing to carry out these obligations.
  2. The admission of any such organization to membership in the WWPAM will be effected and ratified by a decision of the General membership of the WWPAM upon the recommendation of the Secretariat.
  3. Any individual that is interested in joining or working with WWPAM is open and encouraged to join one of the organizations that are members of WWPAM. All individuals working with WWPAM as members serve through their member organizations.
  4. Removal from the ranks of WWPAM can come on a voluntary basis if an organization no longer agrees with the charter and/or practices of WWPAM. If an organization is found to be in violation of the Charter of WWPAM they can be removed by 2/3 vote of WWPAM member organizations at a properly constituted Convention.


Article 7

The Secretariat shall comprise a Secretary-General and such staff as the Organization may require. The Secretary-General shall be appointed by the General membership of the WWPAM at the Worldwide Pan-African Convention (WWPAC). He/she shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Organization.

Article 8

The Worldwide Pan-African Convention (WWPAC) will be held every three years. WWPAC will elect officials including the Secretary-General; will make desired amendments to the Charter and constitutions; and will ratify the three-year strategy of WWPAM. It is the responsibility of the Central Command of the WWPAM to organize the WWPAC with the support of the full Global Council

Article 9

WWPAM is guided by its International Structure, which consists of the Global Council and the Central Command.

The Global Council consists of at most two (2) representatives from each member organization. If the member organization designates two (2) representatives at least one (1) must be a woman. This reflects the importance we place on addressing gender oppression and the necessity to fight against patriarchy. All Global Council members have an equal vote.

The Central Command consists of at most seven (7) representatives selected from the global council by its membership in addition to the Secretary-General. At most one (1) representative from any member organization can sit on the Central Command.     The Central Command must select from its membership the following office-bearers:

  1. Deputy Secretary-General;
  2. Membership Coordinator;
  3. Political Education Coordinator;
  4. Strategic Development Coordinator;
  5. History Secretary and
  6. Legal Affairs Secretary

Article 10

WWPAM shall also functions on a regional level. Any nation-state or groups thereof, agreed among geographical regions, has the right and obligation to organize on a regional level.

The Regional Structure must invite all WWPAM members within that region to function on a regional level.

Regional participation is encouraged of all WWPAM member organizations that require it but is not mandatory.

A Regional Council shall allow equal representation of all regional organizations. A Regional Command can be elected from the Regional Council. Committees, particular responsibilities, special task forces can be established at the regional level based on needs determined by the regional members.

Regional structures must establish resource mobilization, fundraising and financial management mechanisms for the successful implementation of regional plans. Regional structures shall actively recruit additional Pan-African organizations not only to their regional structure but to WWPAM. Only WWPAM members can be part of a regional structure.

Article 11

The Strategy of WWPAM is derived from the strategies of its member organizations. All elements of the strategy of WWPAM must come from its base. Member organizations recommend strategic points based on having implemented these strategies within their respective organizations. Strategies can be agreed upon on a regional level by regional structures or adopted by the global structure by approval by the Global Council.



Article 12

Amendments to the WWPAM constitution shall come into force when they have been adopted by a vote of two thirds of the members at the Convention

Article 13

Amendments can be prepared by any member organization of the WWPAM to the Secretariat for discussion and adoption at the WWPAC. Such proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Secretariat two (2) months prior to the WWPAC. They shall be sent to member organisations, chapters and all relevant structures for discussion one (1) month prior to the holding of the WWPAC

Article 14

A Conference of the Members of the WWPAM for the purpose of reviewing the Charter, constitution or strategy may be held at a date and place to be agreed upon by a two-thirds vote of the members.


Article 15

The present Constitution shall be ratified by the signatory organizations in accordance with their respective constitutional processes.