About Us

The World Wide Pan-African Movement is a formation of Pan-African organizations across Africa and the diaspora.

 Download our constitution ->> WWPAM-Constitution-dec152017

The WWPAM agrees to diligently address and attack the following problems:

  1. To fight for the cancellation of colonial/neo-colonial debt as a down payment on reparations
  2. To fight police brutality/terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocide
  3. to embark on Land Reclamation efforts that includes farms, factories, mines and the banks with the intention to nationalize the resources for the benefit of the people. Land reclamation projects such as that in Zimbabwe must be supported and should be expanded and replicated to other African countries and every continent where land was stolen from Black and indigenous people
  4. to fight for the struggle for independence of Blacks/Africans in West Papua by supporting economic sanctions and boycotts against Indonesia; and all other means available.
  5. to fight for the immediate and unconditional release of all the political prisoners of the liberation movements anywhere on the planet; specifically the APLA political prisoners held in neo-colonial occupied Azania
  6. to lobby and advocate for the removal of colonial borders to establish a United Socialist State of Africa, and to lobby and campaign for the decolonization of education systems. And to establish a universally accessible systems, and self-education programmes that take into account and reflect the socio-economic conditions of Africans.